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Trade-In Policy

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Scarlett Homes offers a unique trade in policy that enables you to purchase your new home with the confidence that your existing home is already sold.

Through our relationship with HomeLife Professionals Realty Inc., we will establish a minimum guaranteed price for your home. This is calculated by determining the amount of money that you would normally receive in your pocket, after deducting the real estate commission. We will send someone to appraise the market value of your home, and your are welcome to hire a licensed appraiser as well. HomeLife Results Realty Inc. will then list the home, and schedule the appointments with prospective purchasers and assist you in negotiating the maximum price for you.

There are many advantages to this system.

1. Your closing date is guaranteed. Once we establish the closing date, anyone who purchases your home must agree to that date and if the date that the purchaser wants is after your closing date, the builder will be responsible for any additional costs.

2. If the home sells for less than the minimum guaranteed amount, you will still receive your guaranteed price and the builder will make up the shortfall. You will never receive less than the guaranteed amount, and that amount will be agreed upon within two days of listing your home.

3. If the home sells for more than the minimum guaranteed amount, you will receive the excess after the normal marketing are paid, provided that the home closes on your closing date.

4. You will only need to deal with one Realtor. Scarlett Homes will provide you with a Realtor to market your home from HomeLife Results Realty Inc.

5. You will not need the additional expenses of carrying and owning two homes if your existing home does not sell by the time that your new home is built.

Once the minimum guaranteed price is agreed upon, you can buy with confidence and start packing. This program can only be offered on homes that are not currently listed for sale.



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